Root Canal Treatment

At Hi Tech Dental Care Bandra, only specialized experts perform dental treatments.

We are aware that fear of root canal treatment is the underlying reason why most patients avoid this treatment. If the tooth issue is not addressed in time, it leads to worsening of tooth decay, and root canal treatment, or in worst cases, tooth extraction becomes inevitable.

With this key insight, the expert Endodontists at Hi-Tech Dental Care, Bandra, have envisaged a unique solution to put your fears to rest and help you sit through a least invasive root canal treatment. After all, we care for our patients and want the best for them.

Unlike the conventional root canal treatment, patients have welcomed this unique solution. Patients are given a VR headset during the treatment. They are free to enjoy their favourite movies and be relaxed during the treatment. Sometimes, patients are put to sleep throughout the procedure if they opt for it.