Root Canals​

Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Save your natural Tooth with single sitting painless root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment

The outer portion or Crown of a tooth is a three-layered structure namely – Enamel, Dentin & Pulp.

If the tooth decay is limited to the first two layers, it can be corrected with Filling/ Restoration.

 In case the tooth decay reaches the third layer and causes inflammation or infection of pulp, an RCT or Endodontic Treatment is needed.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) also is known as Endodontic Treatment is a procedure done when the tooth decay reaches the pulp (innermost layer of the tooth) causing inflammation. It is necessary to save the damaged tooth from extraction. This procedure is done by an Endodontist who is known as a Root Canal Specialist. The procedure involves:
  • 1. Removal of inflamed or infected tooth material
  • 2. Cleaning and disinfection
  • 3. Filling and sealing with an inert material
  • 4. Restoration and crown/cap
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