Crown and Bridges

Dental crowns such as ceramic, metal and porcelain ones are available at Hi-Tech Dental Care, Bandra.

Every patient is made aware of every aspect of the procedure before the treatment begins. Multiple smile trials are conducted to help the patient feel comfortable with the new look that they will get after crowns are placed. Apart from fixing disjointed and fractured teeth, these crowns also improve their functionality and bring them on par with healthy teeth.

For people who have more than one missing tooth, chewing food morsels is difficult which leads to gastronomical problems. Moreover, the good teeth of such people shift slightly over time owing to the void space in their jawbone which causes their teeth to become disjointed.

Our expert dentists recommend such patients state-of-the-art dental bridge that spans the total gap between teeth with a new set of ceramic teeth and restores their functionality and aesthetic appeal which enhances their smile and confidence.

Dental Crowns in 1 day

We incorporate Computer-Aided Designing of crowns. Such crowns are precise, perfect and custom-created to suit the patient’s needs. Our expert dentists design each crown digitally before sending those designs to be moulded, after which, they are fitted on the patient’s tooth.