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Welcome to Hi Tech Dental Clinic, Bandra West

It is a “State of the Art ” Multispeciality Dental Clinic that provides all Dental Treatments under one roof.

We improve your smile and the function of your teeth for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

What Makes Hi Tech Dental Clinic Different?
Expert and Experienced Team of Dentists

We are a team of experienced dentists covering all your dental needs providing high-quality dental care at par with high standards.
We have dental experts and oral surgeons from all fields of dentistry, like orthodontists (aligners or Braces Treatment), endodontists (root canal specialists), periodontists (gum treatment), implantologists (Dental implant Treatment), and cosmetic dentists ( Smile designing or smile makeover including veneers, laminates, etc.)

5-Step Sterilisation Protocol
To ensure a completely sterile and hygienic environment at Hi-Tech, we employ a 5-step sterilisation process and have always maintained the highest standards for sterilisation.
Highly Ethical and Cost-Transparent Dentistry
At Hi Tech Dental Clinic in Bandra West, we strive hard to provide dental care that is both highly ethical and completely cost-transparent. We have an open pricing policy and accept cash, cheques, credit cards, debit cards, and UPI payments. In most cases, we provide patients with the best payment option that meets their needs for major or lengthy dental procedures.
Personalised Care in a Soothing Environment
We ensure that all our patients feel at ease and have no difficulties approaching or communicating their oral problems to our dental surgeons. We treat all our patients with utmost care. The Hi-Tech Dental Clinic in Bandra West offers a relaxing ambience and is specially designed to ensure every patient has a fantastic dental care experience.
Comfort for the New Patient
At Hi Tech Dental Clinic in Bandra West, we understand that sometimes going to the dentist can be daunting. To put you at ease, we’ve made the process super simple for you to get started on your dental treatment journey.
More About Hi Tech Dental Clinic
Hi Tech Dental Clinic is a leading dental clinic chain in Mumbai and has established a reputation that no other dental practice in Mumbai can match.

Personalised Care for Your Unique Smile at Hi Tech Dental Clinic

Our team of experienced and compassionate dentists is committed to delivering personalized treatment plans to meet your unique needs. From routine cleanings and fillings to advanced cosmetic and restorative procedures

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